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What's happening right now in Wisconsin is historic.

Legislation has been proposed that would strip most Wisconsin unions of the right to protect workers and negotiate collectively for better wages and benefits for the struggling middle-class. And, similar legislation is cropping up in state capitals across the nation.

However, tens of thousands of citizens — unprecedented numbers — across the country are gathering and speaking out to show their support for the preservation of these collective bargaining rights that ensure a living wage, decent working conditions, and a voice in the democratic process.

Their work is invaluable — and often goes unseen by so many of us.

It’s no wonder that citizens across the country are voicing their support. These workers touch and improve their communities every day. They are the 3rd grade teacher staying late to help a struggling student, the nurses who lead the grueling work of patient care, fire fighters who answer our calls and keep us safe no matter the hour, and the snow plow drivers working through the night to get their neighbors to work in the morning. Their work is invaluable — and often goes unseen by so many of us. The general public needs to know the facts about the crisis facing the nation.

These public workers are on the front-lines everyday to support us — and they should have a say in their profession. Across the country people are uniting to defend the rights of their neighbors to speak with one voice. 50 States. One Voice. Standing Together.

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By donating to the 51 Fund, support will go to where the need is greatest: to assist people fighting back on the frontlines. The 51 Fund will help feed volunteers, organize rallies, and get the message out to people everywhere that the right to collective bargaining ensures a strong middle-class. And, a strong middle-class is the back-bone of our economic vitality.

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